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WEIMS helps employers subject to the Legislated Employment Equity Program (LEEP) and the Federal Contractors Program (FCP) complete their employment equity obligations.


By pressing the “Login” button, you are confirming that you have read and understood all of the information described in the drop-down sections below. You are also confirming that you agree with the terms of use and conditions for access to, and use of WEIMS and its services, and that you are voluntarily providing your personal and/or business information in accordance with the Privacy Notice and with the Terms and Conditions of Usage below. 

If you experience difficulties working with WEIMS, please send an email to ee-eme@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca.

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Getting to Know WEIMS

Authorization Form to Access the Workplace Equity Information Management System
Terms and Conditions of WEIMS Usage

Please read the following:

  • The use of WEIMS is strongly recommended.

  • If there is anything you do not understand relating to employment equity or if you have any WEIMS technical issues, please contact us at ee-eme@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca.

  • Under subsection 18(10) of the Employment Equity Act (the Act), the information contained in Forms 1 to 6 and narrative reports oLegislated Employment Equity Program employers' is shared with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In addition, under subsection 19(1) of the Act, Forms 1 to 6 are made available to the general public.

  • Under section 17 of the Act and subsection 12(3) of its the Employment Equity Regulations (the Regulations), employers who use WEIMS to generate and submit their annual employment equity report must also retain a copy of the computer record used to generate the report for 2 years after the year in which the report is filed. Under subsections 12(1) and 12(2) of the Regulations, employers must keep other employment equity records for 2 years after the period covered by the employment equity plan to which the records relate, and for 2 years after the termination for terminated employees. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that its employment equity records are backed-up and maintained in its organization.

  • The information contained in Forms 1 to 6 you provide through WEIMS will be used for the preparation of the Employment Equity Act: Annual Report, to be tabled in Parliament. The information you provide will also be used for policy analysis, research and/or evaluation purposes. Your workforce information is administered in accordance with the Employment Equity Act and the Privacy Act.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions of use

Your access and use of WEIMS, including any and all content, information and materials provided within it, is subject to your acceptance of, and compliance with, the provisions of these terms and conditions of use, which incorporate privacy and security notices, and any other legal notices and/or instructions which may appear on WEIMS and/or within any content therein from time to time (together these form the Terms and Conditions of WEIMS Usage).


If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of WEIMS Usage, please cease to access WEIMS and any of the content found within it (including any content you may have copied or downloaded). If there is anything you do not understand, please contact us at ee-eme@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca

Modifications to this user notice

These Terms and Conditions of WEIMS Usage (including the privacy and security notices) may be amended from time to time, and we therefore suggest that you review them periodically.

Your obligations as an employer and user of WEIMS


You may only use WEIMS for the purpose of your obligations under the Employment Equity Act (the Act) and its Regulations.

You agree

  • To the collection of information requested by us to register you to WEIMS. You also certify that any information uploaded into WEIMS is true, accurate and complete

  • Not to use WEIMS (including any content) for your personal commercial gain, and

  • Not to inappropriately change any of the text or images contained in WEIMS or merge it with any other text or images, or forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any of the content.

In addition, you agree NOT to

  • Gain access to information you do not own or have not entered

  • Affect the service levels of this system

  • Share log on credentials, or give them to anyone under any circumstances

  • Upload, post, email or otherwise send any content that:

    • Is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, offensive, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, indecent, obscene, defamatory, invasive of another's privacy, or discriminatory whether racially, ethnically, sexually, religiously or otherwise, or which may incite or instruct any person or organization to undertake such activities

    • Contains any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or any similar "malware" likely to cause harm

    • Constitutes an advertisement, encouragement, or specific recommendation to trade in any specific product, share or security

    • Contains forged headers or manipulated identifiers in order to disguise the origins of any content, and

    • Infringes our legal rights or that of any other person or organization.

Privacy Notice

The information you provide to the Labour Program is collected under the authority of sections 18 and 42 of the Employment Equity Act (the Act) to administer the employment equity programs under this Act. This information includes aggregate employment equity data and Form 1 details, more specifically the employers’ chief executive officer and employment equity officer contact information.

While using WEIMS is voluntary, refusal to provide information on your organization, its head office, chief executive officer, employment equity contact, and signatory will mean that you cannot access the system. Refusal to provide personal information on your organization’s employees – including information for the calculation of aggregated salary ranges, pay gap data and designated group representation – will also result in the incomplete capture and processing of your organization’s data. Your employee data and manual calculations will also need to be done using the employment equity forms available via Service Canada.

Note that subject to the Act, personal information collected in the Legislated Employment Equity Program annual reports may be shared with the Canadian Human Rights Commission as well as other entities established by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Development Canada, or the Labour Program for research purposes. This information may also be used and made publically available upon request for policy analysis, research and evaluation purposes. However, these additional uses and disclosures of the personal information collected will never result in an administrative decision being made about you or those employed in your organization.

The personal information you submit is administered in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, the Department of Employment and Social Development Act, and the Privacy Act. You have the right to the protection of, and access to, your personal information, which is described in Personal Information Bank ESDC PPU 739 – Workplace Equity. Read Information about Programs and Information Holdings for instructions on how to access this information or visit your Service Canada Office.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding the institution’s handling of your personal information.

Changing your password

Please take the following steps to change your password:

  • Under the 'Login' section at the bottom of this webpage, select 'I have forgotten my password'.

  • You will be directed to the 'Password Reminder' screen. Enter your email address and click the Submit button.

  • You will receive an email from ee-eme@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca with a link. Click on the link provided in the email, which will direct you to the 'Password Reset' screen.

  • On the 'Password Reset' screen, enter a new password. Please note that your new password must be a string of 8 to 20 characters with at least:

    • One Digit;

    • One upper case letter;

    • One lower case letter; and

    • One of the following special symbols @#$%

  • After you submit your new password, you will be directed to the Main Login page where you can now sign in with your new password.

If you experience difficulties, please send an email to ee-eme@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca

Unauthorized use of WEIMS

Software programs constantly monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to access WEIMS such as when login was attempted and which user id was used. This software receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of any computer that contacts our sites, as well as the date and time of the visit.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the institution's handling of your personal information, you are encouraged to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.


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